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Desserts/Baked Goods

Are you a huge fan of desserts/baked goods?

…Yeah, me too.

A good number of the recipes below have been healthified, so you can definitely have your cake and eat it with these! :] Who says healthy desserts can’t also be tasty?

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Do you love getting that free and technically-unlimited bread at restaurants? Learn to make different types of breads with these recipes!

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Are you all about them cakes/pies? This will likely be your favorite page! 😛 A lot of these have been healthified, but since I do also subscribe to the “everything in moderation” philosophy, there are some that are more indulgent here as well!

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Yay for cookies/bars/tarts! Whip up a batch of these to bring in to work (or a potluck/get-together!) :] A lot of them have been healthified!

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This may sound like a somewhat shameless plug for the Venice Kitchen Silicone Baking Cups (affiliate link!), but they’re perfect for making cupcakes/muffins! 😀

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Are you in the mood for puddings/custards/something frozen (e.g. ice cream or frozen yogurt)? You should definitely check these out! 😀

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