about farrah

Hey look, it’s me!

The Short Version

Occupation:  2nd-year Family Medicine Resident (PGY2)

Blog Focus: Food, Fitness & Healthy Living

  • If you had to stuff my blog into a single niche, it’d probably best be lumped into the “healthy living lifestyle” category!

Interests/Hobbies: food (both cooking + eating it!), powerlifting, dancing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, volunteering, music (especially piano and singing!), writing, finding awesome deals/saving money, travel, walking very quickly

Hopes: To become a Family Medicine physician (with special interests in working with under-served populations, sports medicine, preventive medicine, integrative medicine, geriatrics, and community outreach…hence, why I’m doing Family Medicine) + to lead by example!


This is my manifesto!

Want to find out more about me? Read on!

How Did This All Begin?

Once upon a time (post-undergrad), I was moving from California to the land of the bitter cold (east coast) to start grad school. Since I’ve always kept a journal and wanted to document my adventures and to compile all the recipes I’d ever made/attempted, Fairyburger (one of my brother’s many nicknames for me) was born!

Are You Lost?

I know there’s a lot on here–I broke down the navigation to my blog in a handy little post right here!

I follow somewhat of a blogging schedule (for sanity’s sake, and also because I schedule most of my posts pretty far into the future), so if you’re only interested in certain topics, feel free to check in then!

  • Monday: My Medical Mondays posts take place here! I write about anything medicine/medical school/health-related, and try to include pertinent health issues/topics whenever possible!
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Free for all! This usually includes fitnessreviews, more recipes, reflections on my rotations, “Day in the Life” posts, travel…you get the idea!
  • Friday: Do you love food? I co-host Foodie Friday, a weekly themed [healthified] recipe linkup with 3 other ladies! For more healthified recipes, every 22nd of the month = Recipe ReDux! (For more on my philosophies on food, go here!)
  • Weekends: I try to take weekends off to give myself (and all of you) a break. Go out and enjoy life! (Sometimes posts will be scheduled here though!) Every first Saturday = Ultimate Coffee Date!

If you’re looking for something specific, there’s always the search bar! :]

Random Facts

  • I hold a Bachelors of Arts & Science in Exercise Biology and Music Performance (Piano). I’m also, randomly, two courses away from an Associate’s in Athletic Training (so close, yet so far…).
  • Because I’m somewhat of a degree slut (someone else’s words, but it works), I also have a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I’m currently a Family Medicine resident at my first-choice program! :]
  • I was named after Farrah Fawcett! (I would be a terrible actress though.)
  • I may or may not plan my life around my meals.
  • Since I have some pretty monstrous amount of debt due to my student loans, I occasionally supplement my income/livelihood as a non-starving musician/accompanist (food is the only area where I’ll “splurge”), a research subject, and from selling my belongings or blogging.

For other “about me” posts, check out the following!

This is me wielding a giant ice cream cone from Meadowlark Dairy.

I have a billion interests but don’t tend to drop previous hobbies/activities, so the list just keeps growing. As such, I’ve gotten very good at multi-tasking. I detest idle moments, so I’m constantly trying to do everything.

I want to make every moment in my life count, and I’d like to live my life in such a way that when I officially kick the bucket, I can do so without any regrets.

This is me summarized on a t-shirt.

In case you couldn’t tell, there’s a chance that I could be considered somewhat of a nerd.

I have the coolest cat in the world (although she could stand to lose a pound or four; this picture is wildly deceiving). Her name’s Ninja and I love and miss her dearly (she’s in California, but she runs to the phone whenever she hears my voice).


If you need to contact me for any reason, my contact information/internet presence is all over here!

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Clinical Years

This is currently a hugeeee work in progress because I’m currently living it! :O If you want to read more about my life during my clinical years, check out this tag or go to the “Day in the Life” posts listed below!

I’ve sectioned these off mostly by year and also by


  • Third-Year …

View page »

Medical Mondays

Medical Mondays

In an effort to incorporate my love for promoting preventative health and healthy living, I created Medical Mondays, a weekly series covering a variety of different health-related issues and topics. :]

As this is primarily a healthy living blog, I figured it’d be fitting to talk a little more about my life on here, and …

View page »

Here's me unknowingly setting a state record!

My Fitness Journey

I was born almost 3 months early and apparently tried to make up for this by eating more than every baby in the hospital, but as a child, I was still extremely scrawny. Think 4’11” and 68 pounds. :o!

For the first two years of college, the only form of physical activity I got was …

View page »

Part of our class being awesome.


I quickly realized over the previous year that the whole “informal postbac program” thing wasn’t going to cut it, so whilst retaking all the classes I hated and taking some classes that I loved (kinesiology! <3 I was 2 classes from an Associate’s in Athletic Training!), I applied to a couple grad schools.

I was accepted …

View page »

Jaclyn made graduation pillows for our chamber trio! Mine has a piano-key border; hers has oboes and Rachel's has french horns. :D


The short and sweet version?

I was a pre-med who double-majored in Exercise Biology and Music Performance whilst working 3 part-time jobs, helping to run 2 clubs and volunteering all over the place. Keep reading for a summary of my four years at UC Davis!

Freshmen Year I originally started my undergrad studies at Davis …

View page »


Pre-Clinical Years

I didn’t go into full-on detail on this page about my pre-clinical years because August 2012-June-ish 2014 in this blog pretty much outline that. :O (You can also check out my pre-clinical years tag, which covers snippets of the first two years of my life in med school while I was surviving through it.)

I …

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  1. Lori Myers

    Your kitty is so cute! And can I have that ice cream?! 😀

    1. Farrah

      Sadly, that ice cream is long gone, but I propose a group outing to Meadowlark Dairy in December or January! 😀

  2. Rita Pearson

    Loved this post!

    1. Farrah

      Thanks for reading! :]

  3. thecollectioncup

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Yay you! The award is on my blog:


    1. Farrah

      Aww, thanks so much! I appreciate it! :]

  4. Julie Chicklitasaurus

    Farrah! If you’re into these things, I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award! I love your blog. You can see your nomination on my blog, http://julieschicklit.com/2013/03/18/sunshine-award/

    1. Farrah

      hello! 😀 thanks so much! i’m super flattered! 😀 i don’t usually do these because i’m wildly talented at stopping the chains, but I will answer the questions! 😛

  5. crocks12

    Wow, I love your blog! Your cat is adorable and I think you’re really cool! And wow, the ice cream. I want to eat it right now.

    1. Farrah

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it! 😀 I miss my cat so much, but…less than a month til I get to see her again! The ice cream is from Meadowlark Dairy in Pleasanton, CA, if you’re ever around that area! :]

  6. Miss Chris Creations

    Thanks for checking out my blog and my Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bars! I hope you get a chance to stop by again and make a recipe or two for yourself. I look forward to following your posts in the future! I NEED that icecream cone you have in that photo haha!


    1. Farrah

      Anytime! Your recipes look so good! :] I’m definitely looking forward to trying them out in the near future.

      I did really love that ice cream (strawberry, orange and pineapple! *-*); I went back to that dairy again this summer to get another one. 😀

      1. Miss Chris Creations

        Yum! I don’t blame you! looks fantastic

  7. Jennifer Corter

    Without a doubt, your about me page is one of the most well written and interesting that I have come across! I love it!
    Jennifer Corter recently posted…Enter The VTech® Prize Package Giveaway!My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Aww, thank you so much! :] I loved reading more about you in your “Life is Fleeting, Chase Happiness” post! You write so well!

  8. Kailey

    I love your about and am excited to keep up with your blog! 🙂

    Btw, your cat is so cute!

    1. Farrah

      Thank you! 😀 I miss her so much when I’m away for school! :[

  9. Julie @ Run Away Freckles

    Blogging is such a great way to let people who what’s going on with your life. I have friends from university that also keep up with me through my blog 🙂
    Julie @ Run Away Freckles recently posted…Weekend Recap: Halloween and BeyondMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Yeah, definitely! It’s awesome to be able to look back on everything too! :]

  10. sarah

    Love reading abouts! It’s always the people I want to know about. A good friend of mine has Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. She treats the sports folks and only practices her family meds on her sports clients. She says she’ll treat her athletes when they’re sick, but prefers to not treat couch potatoes all day. She loves athletes (she is one too). 🙂 best wishes, you’ll do great!
    sarah recently posted…Rewards or Awards? Is There A Difference?My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thank you! I really hope so!

      That’s awesome! 😀 I’ve been trying to find somewhere to do a Sports Medicine rotation so that I can get a feel for whether or not I really like it as much as I think I like it. The place I applied to declined due to scheduling mismatches (I think), so I’m doing a rotation at the same hospital and am hoping I’ll get to hang out there if I have spare time. *-*

  11. Molly Young

    I’m so excited I came across your blog! I’m excited to check out some of your recipes! Hopefully your super awesome medical job one day will help you pay off your debt quickly! Good luck in school. Cute cat BTW. #BlogLove

    1. Farrah

      Thank you! I really hope so too! :] The plan right now is to live like even more of a penny-pinchin’ fiend so I can pay it off within 5 years of finishing my residency. I’m probably being wayyy too optimistic, but it’s a nice thought. 😡

  12. Ashley

    Congrats on your medical school journey! As an attorney and a mom of two, I could definitely use some quick and easy meals. And that ice cream cone looks delish!
    Ashley recently posted…44/52 halloween wrap-upMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thanks! 😀 Quick + easy meals make my life so much easier, haha.

      I love that dairy! :] I try to visit every time I get to go home for vacation! 😛

  13. Mar @ Mar on the Run

    great blog!!! I love that t-shirt 😉
    Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Thinking Out Loud – Volume 1My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thank you! :] I need to make that shirt into a real thing one of these days!

  14. Stephanie

    I am a lot like you when it comes to having a problem being idle. I love having a new hobby or thing to keep my interest.
    Stephanie recently posted…Too Loved to be Lost Book ReviewMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Agreed! It keeps life interesting! :]

  15. Amanda Haney

    i loved this! What area of medicene so you want to specialize in?
    Amanda Haney recently posted…FROM ONE MAMA TO ANOTHER {THAT SOUTHERN MAMA}My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thanks! Right now, I’m still most interested in Family Medicine, and I think I also want to subspecialize in Sports Medicine! :] (Still trying to find a Sports Med elective rotation so I can see if I really like it as much as I think I’ll like it. 😛 )

  16. Aleshea Dominique

    Oh, who how are you likin’ the East Coast? I bet that is a huge jump from California. I can’t even imagine.

    1. Farrah

      I like it a lot more than I thought I would, but I’m a total wimp when it comes to cold weather, so I’m not too happy in the winters! 😡

  17. Jenny (@escape_inspire)

    I love how you chose the name~!

    1. Farrah

      Thanks! 😛 My brother a whole ton of weird/random nicknames for me, so I decided to just embrace it!

  18. Ellyn @ In Fitness and In Health

    Hi Farrah! So nice to meet you through the blog hop! That shirt is great. 🙂 I love that you mention planning your life around your meals – I do the same thing most of the time. I definitely splurge on healthy eats as well. That’s one area I’m not willing to sacrifice! Great blog!
    Ellyn @ In Fitness and In Health recently posted…10-Minute Ab Burner Workout (no equipment needed)My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Hi Ellyn! :] So nice to meet you too! I probably love food a little too much, but I like to think that just contributes to more recipe-experimenting and healthy eating, so I see it as a good thing! 😛

  19. Runwright

    I like you already, Farrah. I too have a million hobbies and interests and want to pursue them all. But above all, I tend to like reading and writing and spend most of my time doing something relating to those activities.
    I love the chemical properties bit. I’m a Chemical Engineer by training and thus, also a nerd. Welcome to the club.
    Runwright recently posted…Word of the day: GrowthMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I’ve always loved writing too, and used to read a lot more (before grad school and medical school happened, haha ._. I like to read for fun when I have some spare time though). My blog is my outlet for the writing bit, so I’m glad to still be able to keep that in my life in some form!

      Yay! So glad I’m not alone! ;P

  20. Esther

    You once again, amaze me! I am so glad we have gotten to know each other more through FF! I am really excited for you with all your future endeavors (as well as current ones)
    Esther recently posted…Change in plans…My Profile

  21. Edye

    Hi Farrah! I just found your blog and love it. Your cat is so cute <33 I look forward to your future posts 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee
    Edye recently posted…A Day In The Life Of A Home Schooler #1My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thanks so much, Edye! She brings so much joy to my life! <3

  22. Jessie

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog–you are hilarious!! You just seem like such a cool person 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!
    Jessie recently posted…Black Bean Power Bowl with Roasted Beets and QuinoaMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Aww, thanks so much, Jessie! 😀 Glad to have you here! <3!

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