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Feeling lost and confused?
Fear not! I’ve broken down the header into 6 categories! This FAQ is a comprehensive detailing of where to find pretty much anything you happen to be looking for on my blog! As of February 2015, I started following somewhat of a blogging schedule.

About (Links to a page about me and this blog!)

  • 101 in 1001: 101 Goals that I’d like to complete in 1001 days!
  • Causes: Little blurbs on different organizations/charities that I believe in!
  • Wishlist: This one’s mainly for convenience, so I have somewhere to direct my friends when they request a list of what I want during birthdays/holidays. 😛

Life (Links to all the posts from my daily life!)

  • Undergrad: Talks about my experiences throughout my 4 years at UC Davis
  • PostbacLinks to the posts that were written during grad school, or involve grad school in some way (be it people or tips for getting letters, etc.)!
    • Year 1: Talks about what I did during the year after I graduated from Davis
    • Year 2: Details my experiences in the accelerated Master’s program I did at UMDNJ/Rutgers!
  • Ultimate Coffee Date: A monthly linkup on the first Saturday of every month to catch up on life!

Medical School (Links to all the posts I made that have anything to do with med school while I was living/am living through it!)

  • Pre-Clinical Years: Contains a short reflection of my first two years of medical school, study aids/charts/diagrams that I’ve made, and the courses I took
  • Clinical Years*: Contains tips for the third + fourth years of medical school, reflections on my various rotations, and my schedule as it unfolds(*This is what I’m currently living through!)
    • OMS III: My third year of medical school!
    • OMS IV: My fourth year of medical school!
  • Medical Mondays: A series I started at the beginning of 2015 that covers a different topic in medicine each week on Mondays!
  • FM Student: A side project co-founded by me and my friend/classmate, Pixie! This is a resource site geared toward 3rd + 4th-year medical students who are interested in family medicine!
    • FMS Posts: These are the posts I’ve written for FM Student!

Fitness/Health (Links to all the posts I’ve written that have to do with fitness!)

  • My Fitness Journey: Details how I got into my various favorite forms of physical activity
  • The Fit Dish: Houses most of my writing on fitness/health outside of Medical Mondays–it used to be part of a link up!
  • Hiking: If you’re looking for hikes in various parts of the U.S., check these out! :]

Travel (Links to my travels throughout the years!)

Recipe Index (Links to a breakdown of the recipes I’ve made by category)

  • Foodie Friday: A recipe linkup that I co-host with Annmarie, Esther, and Jess! Every Friday, we make usually-healthified recipes for a different theme and link em’ up!
  • Recipe ReDux: A recipe linkup founded by dietitians to prove that food can be both delicious + nutritious! On the 21st and 22nd of each month, we link up our recipes for the monthly theme!
  • …The rest of the links lead to photo image galleries of all the recipes I’ve ever made! :]

Contact (Links to my contact information, social media accounts, press, guest posts, and features!)

  • Disclaimer: Also known as my plea for you to please not sue me for my opinions/statements made on my own blog
  • Work With Me: My media kit! (Stats are not posted since they change a lot. If you’re interested in working with me and need them, just contact me!)
  • Privacy Policy: Just as the name suggests!

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  1. Jeff Blackwell

    Hello, Farrah. Jeff here from Houston, Texas. I’m a psychiatric nurse and work as a research coordinator. I stumbled through your website and was very interested in what you posted. Keep up the good work. My question: Do you have any favorite psychiatry posts?

    1. Farrah

      Hi Jeff! Thanks so much for your kind words! I did one psychiatry rotation during my med school rotation and it unfortunately was not the best of experiences (more so because of my preceptor than anything else), so the only thing I have written about it is my “reflections on psychiatry” post from that rotation!: http://www.fairyburger.com/reflections-on-psychiatry/

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