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Dec 11

6 Brands That Give Back

I’ve been super slacking in the blogging world lately–there’s been so much stuff to take care of and this year’s gone by so quickly! We’re nearing the end of interview season and I’ve been doing hospital/clinic tours. I consider it an accomplishment that we haven’t gotten lost yet–our hospital is under construction at the moment …

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Oct 31

My Fall Nighttime Skin Care Routine with Clarisonic

Hello, world! I’m on my second week of nights right now and have been getting varying degrees of sleep, so my blogging has been a little rocky lately, but I’m back again, this time to share…my fall nighttime skin care routine with Clarisonic! (It’s a nighttime routine because I hate mornings and don’t have much …

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Oct 04

Snail Slime For Skin Care?

If I haven’t completely freaked you out the eff out with the title of this post, stay a while and listen! (Anyone get that reference? 😛 )

Snail mucin is what snails use to heal their bodies from cuts when they’re traveling over rocks and rough surfaces–in skin care products, it helps to replenish moisture …

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Sep 27

How To Target Your Skin Care Concerns

Before I start with this post, I’m just gonna throw out there that the 3 best things you can do to take care of your skin are:

  • Eat and sleep well.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Sun protection.

Sadly, this is one of those things where I really can’t practice what I preach. I’m currently in …

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Aug 23

The Skinny Confidential

So…back in 2015, I won Tricia’s giveaway for Lauryn Evarts’ The Skinny Confidential (affiliate link!), and as you probably know by now, I love reviewing books, particularly when they’re about healthy living or food!

If you’re used to my cookbook reviews, I’ll have to forewarn you that although this book does have a number of delicious recipes …

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Jul 20

Refresh Your Summer Skin with Ausome Hydrating Double Mist


If you know me fairly well, you probably know that my favorite form of shopping = grocery shopping. I adore food. But…any guesses on what comes second in the world of retail therapy for me?

Skin care products! I regularly have to place myself on bans so that I’ll finish off everything I currently have …

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Feb 09

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub

I haven’t shared a DIY skin care recipe in a while, so I figured I should change that up! If you want to learn how to make your own honey aspirin mask or green tea toner, make sure you go check those out too! :]

Much to the shock(?) of my former classmates and current …

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Dec 13

4-Ingredient Lavender Coconut Oil Lotion

This cold weather sure isn’t agreeing with me. Granted, it’s a full 10 degrees warmer than where I spent my last couple winters up in the mountains of West Virginia, but…I don’t think I was made for the cold. I’m likely going to have to move back to the west coast or to Hawai’i after …

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Dec 08

Avoiding Chapped Lips with MyLipStuff

Remember how I talked about the importance of hydration and the awesomeness that is the invention of LVL?

Well, warding off/avoiding chapped lips can also be partially fended off by awesome chapstick!

I’m probably not going to need lip balm again for the rest of my life. :O …although truth be told, I’ve never made it …

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Nov 01

DIY 2-Ingredient Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Fun fact (in case you weren’t already aware)! I’m somewhat of a crunchy granola girl in that I’m a big fan of green living. Whenever possible, I try to  reduce my carbon footprint by walking/biking/carpooling/using public transportation, recycling/re-purposing items, and making my own products.

Aside from reusable pads and the DivaCup, I also semi-recently made the switch …

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