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Instant Pot Short Ribs

Welcome to our weekly Foodie Friday link up! I’m linking up with Annmarie from the Fit Foodie Mama + Esther from Chocolate Runner Girl to create awesome healthy recipes each week! This week’s theme = Pinterest Curiosities!

I don’t actually own an instant pot, but over NYE/New Year’s, I was hanging out with my friend and we decided to make short ribs! We went to Foragers Market at Dekalb to get a couple pounds of short ribs.

Instant Pot Short Ribs | @fairyburger

We used a stout since we happened to have that on hand, but you can also use red wine or coke for this!


Also pictured in here = sauteed spinach, roasted potatoes, and Chili Roasted Brussels Sprouts. The recipe for the latter will probably appear next week! 😛

Instant Pot Short Ribs | @fairyburger

Instant Pot Short Ribs

Instant Pot Short Ribs | @fairyburger

Instant Pot Short Ribs

From at

Yield: 3

You'll Need...

  • 2 1/2 cups stout
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1-2 tsp basil
  • 2 tbsp ketchup*
  • 2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
  • kosher salt, to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 red onion, chopped
  • 4 medium-sized carrots, chopped
  • 4-5 lbs short ribs
  • 2-3 tbsp balsamic vinegar


  1. Preheat the Instant Pot to the "Saute" option.
  2. Season short ribs with kosher salt and pepper.
  3. Place them in one layer in the pot and let them sear (~7-8 minutes).
  4. As the meat sears, chop the onions and carrots. After 7-8 minutes have passed, flip to the other side and let sear for ~4-5 minutes.
  5. Once meat is nicely browned, transfer to a plate and decreasee heat to medium.
  6. If your pot has >1 tbsp oil accumulated from the meat, pour it out. Otherwise, add onion, carrots, garlic, spices/herbs and let it cook, stirring occasionally, for 5-6 minutes until softened. Season with salt + pepper, to taste.
  7. Add stout and place the short ribs back into the pot.
  8. Seal the Instant Pot, ensuring that the venting switch is set to the "Sealing" position. Then press the "Stew" option and set manual time to 35 minutes on high pressure.
  9. When the timer beeps, allow it to go into "Keep Warm" setting for 15 minutes, then switch the venting tab to the "Venting" position and when the steam has been released, carefully remove the lid of the pot.
  10. Remove the meat and veggies and transfer to a plate.
  11. Try to skim most of the fat from the sauce off with a spoon.** Add balsamic vinegar and turn it back to the "Saute" option. Allow it to boil until it reaches a glaze-like consistency. Pour the glaze over the short ribs and serve!

Additional Notes

*Can use tomato paste instead of ketchup (less sugar!)
**(The key is to remove the meat/veggies and let the leftover liquid sit for a little bit so that the fat can separate. Then take out as much of the fat as you can and add ~2 tbsp balsamic vinegar!)
As it burns off + as steam escapes from the liquid, the sauce may still look/feel very liquidy, but if you let it sit for a little bit, it will thicken. Keep tasting to make sure herbs/spices are at appropriate levels and that it's not too bitter/acidic.

Instant Pot Short Ribs | @fairyburger

My thoughts on the Instant Pot? I know people are loving it, but truth be told, I’d probably rather use my trusty slow cooker. Although it would’ve taken longer, I think it would’ve made it even more tender. *-* But it was cool to try out the Instant Pot for the first time! :]! Searing it in a separate pan + deglazing it and then transferring it in would probably have made it even better too (but again, would’ve taken more time–we were hungry)!

End-of-Week-ish Recap!

  • Have you tried using the Instant Pot? Are you Team Slow Cooker or Instant Pot?!
  • What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?
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  1. Renée

    omg this looks soooooo good! I wonder if we have instant pots over here…
    Renée recently posted…Week 2-18 Fonzie’s Birthday WeekMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      If not, I feel like a slow cooker would do the job as well! (Just not as quickly!)
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  2. Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    I think I need an Instant Pot! What a great recipe.

    1. Farrah

      I loved how quickly it made our meal! :D!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  3. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy

    I’m really thinking I need to invest in an instant pot – can’t believe these are read so quickly!

    1. Farrah

      It’s definitely an awesome investment if you need things done quickly! I just have my slow cooker, but it was cool to be able to try the Instant Pot out! :]!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  4. Abbey Sharp

    This dish looks like the perfect satisfying balanced meal! Instant pots make everything so much easier.
    Abbey Sharp recently posted…Vegan Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl | Gluten Free, Paleo BreakfastMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I definitely loved how fast it was! :O!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  5. Kim Hatting

    I’m one of the “chosen few” who do not have an Instapot (yet), but I love my slow cooker. I saw your suggestion where you thought the meat would be more tender in the slow cooker, so I’m going that route 😉 Great recipe!!

    1. Farrah

      haha, I’m with you! I don’t have one (yet[?]) either because I have zero counterspace left for more kitchen contraptions, but it was cool to get to try using this! I’m more well-versed with my slow cooker though! 😛
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  6. Marcia

    Mmmmm I love the colors on that plate! Looks perfect for a cold-winter dinner. I have no intention of buying an Instant Pot despite all the buzz. Good to know you think this dish would be equal or even better if done in a slow cooker. That I have!
    Marcia recently posted…NOW Foods Favorite Things GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      hehehe, yeah! I don’t think I’ll be buying an Instant Pot anytime soon–I’m hoping my slow cooker will last me forever! ;P
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  7. Clarinda

    This looks really good and *almost* makes me what to consider an Instant Pot. I really don’t know much about them, though.
    Clarinda recently posted…How to Make the Best Creamy Artichoke Pasta SaladMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      hehe, I’m glad I got to try out using one, but I’ll probably just be stickin’ with my trusty ol’ slow cooker! <3
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  8. Brynn at The Domestic Dietitian

    I absolutely love short ribs and the instant pot makes them much easier! Great looking recipe

    1. Farrah

      Thanks, Brynn! <3!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  9. Emily @ Pizza & Pull-Ups

    This looks amazing! I will have to try it, I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and am still figuring out what to make in it.

    1. Farrah

      Oo, that’s awesome! I hope you like this! :]!!

  10. Jennifer @ Fit Nana

    I need an Instant Pot!!! These look amazing! I can’t remember the last time I had short ribs.
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted…Peanut Butter Banana Oat BarsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I haven’t had short ribs in ages too! *-*
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  11. Rachel

    This looks really amazing. You should TOTALLY own an Instant Pot, girl!
    Rachel recently posted…Winter Fitness: Cycling, Burpees, and More!My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Aww, thanks, Rachel! I’m trying to stop myself from getting too many kitchen contraptions! x_x
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  12. Coco

    I haven’t jumped on the insta-pot wagon, but I think I would if my kids were still at home.
    Coco recently posted…Skiing In Park CityMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I probably wont be jumping onto it either, but it does seem to be a pretty convenient contraption to have around!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  13. Wendy

    I’m salivating right now! Wow, that looks good.
    Wendy recently posted…Book Review: The End of the World Running ClubMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thanks, Wendy! 😀 It was super tasty!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  14. Michelle @ Running with Attitude

    Oh my gosh this looks so good. I don’t have an instant pot, but do love my slow cooker – I’ll have to give this a shot!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…Five Tips for Winter HydrationMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Yay! Yeah, my slow cooker is one of my favorite kitchen contraptions!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  15. Hannah

    I use my Instant Pot to cook dried beans (and recipes with dried beans) all the time. I’ve used the Instant Pot slow cooker function a few times, but I have a hard time remembering to put things in to slow cook before I walk out the door in the morning, so I prefer being able to pressure cook when I get home 😛

    I also use the rice function on the IP quite a bit (I’ve never used an actual rice cooker, but think it’s supposed to be similar?), and I’ve made yogurt in it a few times. My mom makes hard boiled eggs in the IP and they’re way better than stovetop ones, but I have yet to try it myself.
    Hannah recently posted…The somewhat productive return: week in reviewMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      That’s really cool! I’ve been meaning to try to make beans in my slow cooker for the longest time, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet, hehe.

      That’s awesome that you’ve made yogurt in it too! :O I didn’t even know it had so many functions, haha. 😛 I do have a rice cooker that I use regularly though! :]
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  16. Sara

    Well that just looks dreamy! Save me some!
    Sara recently posted…Spatzle That Tastes Darn GoodMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      It didn’t last very long–will definitely have to make it again at some point! *-*!!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  17. Summer Price

    That looks really good and I’m excited about the brussel sprout recipe next week! I love my Instant Pot.
    Summer Price recently posted…Healthy Quinoa Chili: You’ll Never Know It’s VegetarianMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Yay! I hope you like the upcoming recipe! They were really tasty too! 😀
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  18. Daisy

    Wow this instant pot recipe looks delicious! I have an instant pot so I am gonna try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!
    Daisy recently posted…Best Electric Skillets for 2018 – Reviews and GuideMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Yay! I hope you like this! :]!

  19. Mikki

    I’m not a meat eater but this looks amazing. My husband would love to see something like this come onto his plate. LOL! Great job!
    Mikki recently posted…5 Ways To Do Laundry Without Chemicals – That Actually WorkMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      hehehe, thanks so much, Mikki! :]!!
      Farrah recently posted…Instant Pot Short RibsMy Profile

  20. Annmarie

    I’m actually making something similar to this for dinner tonight …except I don’t have an insta pot! 🙁 Looks delish!
    Annmarie recently posted…Super Easy Mini Mocha Recovery Muffins {Paleo, Dairy Free}My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Awesome! I’m debating eating a second dinner right now–I’ve been perpetually hungry all day! x_x

  21. Natalie

    This looks absolutely fabulous. So delicious and flavorful. I’m seriously drooling here heheh 🙂 I need to make this for my family.

    1. Farrah

      Thanks so much, Natalie! 😀 I hope your family loves it too! <3

  22. Artney - My Pretty Brown Fit

    This looks SOOOOOO GOOD! I can’t wait to try it! I need an Instant Pot Stat!

    1. Farrah

      Yay!! I hope you get one soon + get to try this out! :]!

  23. Esther

    I have yet to get on board with the instapot craze, but these look pretty delicious 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe!

    1. Farrah

      haha, me too! I’m glad I got to check it out at my friend’s place now! I’m trying to save money though, so prooobably not gonna jump on this train! 😛

  24. MCM Mama Runs

    These sound fabulous! I love my Instant Pot, but I probably use the crock pot setting on it about as often as I use the pressure cooker setting LOL.
    MCM Mama Runs recently posted…5 Fitness Items on my Wish ListMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      hahaha, crockpots are lovely! <3 I need to break mine out to do some meal prepping for the week!

  25. Mary

    I’m definitely a fan of stout in recipes, I’m sure it gives this recipe a depth of flavor. With the addition of the spinach and Brussels sprouts to the dinner you have all your nutritional bases covered.
    Mary recently posted…Vegan Broccoli SaladMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Yes indeed! :] We were trying to go for a balanced meal to end 2017! 😛

  26. Kristy from Southern In Law

    Oh this looks sooooo good! I need an instant pot!!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: That Time Jesse Woke Up in a SpaceshipMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      hehehe, I don’t think my kitchen can handle another contraption, so I’ll be sticking with my crockpot for now–maybe someday though!! *-*

  27. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running

    I’ve had an instant pot on my Amazon wish list for awhile now. I might need to start dropping some more serious hints to family members before my birthday in March.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Five Health and Fitness Must HavesMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      hehehe, I hope you get one for your birthday! <3!!

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