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Aug 16

The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need

This may seem to veer a little outside the types of book reviews I usually do (aka cookbooks <3), but it caught my eye the other day because I’ve been dealing with some semi-difficult/demanding patients lately, and figured some tips wouldn’t hurt. (Especially since I’ve had to start battling insurance companies to approve medications/imaging for …

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Aug 08

11 Things You Didn’t Know

As a blogger (or just general human being), I’m sure we’re all too familiar with the comparison game. Social media provides us with only a glimpse of what we choose to share, so we decided to choose a day to share something about ourselves beyond what we’d normally talk about.

I usually share food and …

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May 10

Teachers Who Make A Difference

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! II wanted to talk about teachers who make a difference (made, make, same difference, because their influence still affects my life today)!

Tell me about a #teacher who’s made a big difference in your life! #TeacherAppreciationWeek

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While I was back home for vacation, I managed to sneak a …

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Dec 28

101 in 1001 #BehindTheBlogger

The end of the year is often like an “end of the road” of sorts–I’m reaching the end of my “second” 101 in 1001 very soon, and with every ending, there is a new beginning, so here’s the start of mine!

I’ve been doing these 101 in 1001’s for several years now and it’s been …

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Dec 26

Celebrate Your Victories

Hi everyone, and welcome to Medical Mondays!

I don’t know how it goes in other cultures, but for me, there has always been some crazy major emphasis on humility. You show people your abilities and qualities through your actions and the work that you do, not what you say. Your actions and your hard work speak …

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Jul 25

20 Questions

A longggg time¬†ago, Ashley over at A Lady Goes West posted a 20-question “Get To Know Me Better” survey. I thought it sounded like fun, but figured I’d reserve my actual post for later, when I was super swamped, so here it is now! (I frequently blog into the future, har har. Ya gotta do …

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Jul 13

Learning How To Adult #BehindTheBlogger

Where I Belong: On the path to becoming/being a medical student, there are invariably many¬†unfortunate instances of self-doubt. I wish I could tell you that this magically disappeared after graduating…but that’d be a complete and total lie.

I figured it was about time for another update in the realms of my medically-related life! Back in …

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Jun 01

Reflections on Four Years in Medical School #BehindTheBlogger

This Is My Life: I graduated from medical school 4 days ago. It honestly still doesn’t feel entirely real.

From finding out that I’d been accepted to medical school to our white coat ceremony, taking/passing my boards to graduating, it’s been a pretty crazy journey.

It’s been an incredibly long and hectic journey, but in the midst of …

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Apr 19

The ABCs of Fairyburger

What with two back-to-back inpatient rotations, a broken hand, and a hell of a lot of driving/flying/traveling in general, I’ve unfortunately run out of scheduled-into-the-future posts…so I stole this from Suz, and took until now to finish it because I’m awesome like that.

Fun fact behind the above picture–I accidentally clicked a link on …

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Apr 07

Dear Childhood Me #BehindTheBlogger

Dear Childhood Me: Oh Farrah, there are so, so many things I could write about here…the first and most important thing I want you to always remember is to cherish the people in your life. You have an awesome family and the best friends anyone could ever ask for–make sure you let them know that!

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