Mar 29

Mission Peak

Are there any places near where you live that always signify to you that you’re getting close to home again? For me, it’s Mission Peak.


I’ve climbed this sucker on many an occasion (for instance, check out my Yelp review from back in 2010! The first time I came up here was back when I was 12, but until February of this year, I’d actually never taken a picture whilst standing on the pole-lookin’ thing. Better late than never, right?!


During Christmastime, someone hauls a Christmas tree up there (complete with lights and everything!), and there are lots of hardcore people that run/bike up there with or without their dogs every morning.

I am sadly not of that caliber, but I do enjoy going up there when I’m home. In more recent years, it’s become somewhat of a tourist/selfie spot, which is rather saddening to me (never in my life have I ever had to wait in line to get to the top…), but it really does offer a gorgeous view of the bay.




Distance: ~5.6 miles (round-trip)
Elevation: 2516′
Trailhead Address: Stanford (Stanford Ave, Fremont, CA 94539) | Ohlone (43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA 94539)
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (not recommended for beginners)
Parking: can suck, depending on which trail you take.

  • Stanford side is extremely limited, so if you want any chance at snagging a spot, you’ll have to get there super early (a couple hours before sunrise, but the park technically isn’t open yet at that point). There are 47 parking spots on that side, but upwards of 300+ people will congest the surrounding neighborhoods in the summer.
  • Ohlone side has a lot more parking spaces, but there’s a $4 parking fee M-F 6a-11p and Saturdays from 7am-5pm.

That’s my brother! :O

For the record, the photos from this post are from the Ohlone trail instead of the Stanford trail! I’d never actually taken the Ohlone trail until this year, but I like it better because it’s prettier, steeper, offers a hell of a lot more shade, and is less crowded!


I know a lot of people weren’t too happy about the rain we were having, but California desperately needed it, and it’s especially nice hiking this in the winter because everything’s actually green! :]

missionpeak3 missionpeak4

I actually hiked this with my brother and one of his friends back on February 13 (and again with my friend Dave on March 19)! You might have seen some pictures from instagram. If you notice a weird difference in lighting, it’s because I combined pictures from both hikes (1 afternoon + 1 evening) into this post!


There’s a rather majestic-lookin’ hawk(?) who likes to chill on a rock on the way to the top and often does fly-by’s that makes everyone in the general vicinity stop and marvel at its beauty.

...I've never managed to catch a close-up shot because I'm too mesmerized.

…I’ve never managed to catch a close-up shot because I’m too mesmerized.



There’s the top!


If you bring your dog, make sure s/he’s in reasonable shape and bring extra water for em’! <3

Don't worry--she's okay! Just takin' a break!

Don’t worry–she’s okay! Just takin’ a break!

missionpeak6 missionpeak8

We made it! :D

We made it! ๐Ÿ˜€

My best friend and I like to hike up there sometimes on a weekend morning (when I’m in town) too, and we usually make breakfast afterward (e.g. Mango Banana Waffles, Tiramisu French Toast…)


It can get pretty dark, so bring a flashlight and watch your step!

Take-home Tips!

  • Sunscreen! There’s very little shade on the Stanford trail, but a little more on Ohlone side.
  • Bring a windbreaker/jacket, it gets really cold/windy at the top.
  • Bring a flashlight (or make sure your phone’s charged/put it on airplane mode so the battery doesn’t die) if you’re going to be there while it’s still dark.
  • Water is a very good idea (try to bring it in something that you can carry on your back later, as some parts of the trail get really steep).
  • Don’t piss off the cows. Some have been known to be a bit aggressive, so live and let live!

  • Do you have any “tourist spots” near your home?
  • What are your favorite hikes to go on in your area?

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  1. Kristy @ Southern In Law

    Woah! What a view! Definitely putting this on my must-do list next time we’re in CA!
    Kristy @ Southern In Law recently posted…Travel: Sunshine and Our Very Own Riverside OasisMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Yay! I hope you get to go! It’s a fun and pretty short hike!

  2. Ricardo

    Seriously, don’t piss off those cows. Have you ever played Diablo II? Those bastards in their own level are relentless.

    1. Farrah

      Hahaha, yeah! I love Diablo II! The cow level would be pretty effing terrifying in the real world!

  3. Rachel G

    That is a pretty awesome picture standing on the pole! And I love the story about the Christmas tree up there at Christmas time! Looks like a pretty awesome hike! The island where we live is a tourist destination and as a rule we tend to avoid the tourist hotspots (especially since our skin color marks us as tourists to the persistent salesmen hawking horse rides and random stuff), but once in a while it’s fun to go back to the various pretty places on this island that tend to be frequented by tourists more than locals, unfortunately!
    Rachel G recently posted…Disney on Ice + Easter HappeningsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thanks, Rachel! I feel you on the tourist-ones, but I’m with you! Sometimes touristy places are still pretty awesome to visit!

  4. Hollie

    That looks like such a gorgeous hike. I’m glad you had a good time. I went to college near a lot of cow farms and had the same thoughts. Cows can get super angry and I never realized it until I saw one doing it’s thing LOL.

    1. Farrah

      Haha, they can get pretty terrifying when they’re mad! I like to stay on their good side too!

  5. Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    What a fun hike! I am so blessed to have an infinite number of hikes within a couple of hours of me. I’ve been trying to make my way through many of them in the past few years. Such a fun way to spend a day.
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…Crustless Kale, Mushroom & Feta QuicheMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Agreed! Asheville has so many pretty places nearby! I’d really love to go back to visit sometime so I can try going on some of them!

  6. Jenn - a traveling Wife

    Oh my gosh – absolutely beautiful. I really wish I had more time to get out, explore, and hike when I lived in California. I really need to get out for a good hike.
    Jenn – a traveling Wife recently posted…Ten Refreshing SmoothiesMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I really wish I’d explored more when I was living here! x_x But better late than never, I guess?
      Farrah recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date: April 2016My Profile

  7. Faith

    It looks like you had so much fun!


    1. Farrah

      It definitely was a lot of fun!

  8. GiGi Eats

    You kicked that hike’s BUTT – if it had one! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s sad – my parents put a really bad taste in my mouth when it comes to hiking, so I don’t really ever go! Plus, um, LA isn’t exactly the HIKING CAPITAL of the world! LOL!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Avocados Get Brownie PointsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Nooo! How come? What happened? Agreed on LA not being a hiking capital of sorts, but there are some places every here and there that are kinda awesome!

  9. Susie @ Suzlyfe

    All of our tourist spots are urban. I would love to go for a hike like that! Thanks for taking us ๐Ÿ˜€
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…The Power of Positivity (Rather than Optimism)My Profile

    1. Farrah

      Anytime! ;P I haven’t gone on an urban hike in a while! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  10. Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner

    Looks like a great hike with some amazing views.
    That’s too bad they charge to park below, but maybe that helps reduce the crowds a little too?
    I have a ton of places locally I love to hike, Utah is sort of a hikers paradise and even if I lived to be 100 I doubt I’ ever have time to hike every trail here(But I’m totally up for trying, LOL). I haven’t even hiked every trail that starts within a 20 minute radius of my house (yet), LOL
    Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…First Weight Loss Goal Achieved and a lot AccomplishedMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I think the parking fee does help to drive away some people, Which is definitely helpful for not wanting crowds around. Sometimes they don’t check on the weekends, which is kinda nice too!

      Seriously, all the hikes you do in Utah make me hella want to go visit! Hopefully at some pointโ€ฆ And I can see how it’d be hard to hike them all! So many to choose from!

  11. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    Ah, that’s so fun!! I would have loved that hike!
    Hahaha, cows <3 My favorite animal ๐Ÿ˜‰ RESPECT!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…Freedom Feature: Chelsea Gray “Today With Mama Gray”My Profile

    1. Farrah

      It’s definitely a fun one! And yay for the cows!

  12. Sharon

    Looks like an awesome hike with great views! Sounds like one me and Hubby would enjoy doing some time! Love the pic of you standing on the pole and the one with you sitting staring down at the view of the Bay! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sharon recently posted…Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Smoothie ReviewMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      It was a lot of fun! I hope you get a chance to hike it at some point! And thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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