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Pre-Clinical Years

I didn’t go into full-on detail on this page about my pre-clinical years because August 2012-June-ish 2014 in this blog pretty much outline that. :O (You can also check out my pre-clinical years tag, which covers snippets of the first two years of my life in med school while I was surviving through it.)

Some boards study motivation from High Expectations Asian Father.

I adopted the “HBL” approach after my second course in med school; “HBL” stands for “Home-Based Learner,” so yes, it meant that I never went to class unless it was required. My school didn’t have an attendance policy, and generally speaking, only the Case Openings/Closings and labs were mandatory. Since I realized that I didn’t get much out of passively listening to someone talk about a subject, I spent the rest of my first semester studying with my favorite neighbor. During second semester and throughout my second year, I holed up in the catacombs and went over all the material by myself before enlisting my study buddies (HBLers + 1, but usually Mike) to quiz each other over the material.

My hope is to eventually have resource pages on applying to medical school, med school study aids/resources/recommendations, tips/thoughts/reflections throughout the application process, whilst slaving through my pre-clinical years, as well as through my clinical rotations!

You’ll likely have to bear with me on this because I unfortunately don’t have as much free time as I’d like. It’ll forever be a work in progress!

Study Aids

  • Brachial Plexus (A graphic I made that simplifies the brachial plexus as much as possible)

Brachial Plexus study material that I made for the first-years.

Medical Service Trip to the Dominican Republic

Class Schedule

My [winning] t-shirt design for our 1st-year t-shirts!


  • Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Skin
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Head/Neck
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Renal
  • GI
  • Endocrine
  • Reproductive
  • Blood & Lymph
  • Clinical Skills I Lab
  • Osteopathic Principles & Practice I Lab
  • Early Clinical Encounters

Tracheotomy lab.


Mini Med School for the community.



Health Fair at a local elementary school.

Summer (Last One Ever!)

    • Spend time with + visit friends/family.
    • Eat everything in the world.
    • Explore CA
    • Gym! Pole! Dance! Silks! Yoga!
    • Some boards prep
    • Volunteer at PHAC!

Follies 2014


  • OM-1
  • OM-2
  • OM-3
  • OM-4
  • OM-5
  • Osteopathic Principles & Practice II Lab
  • Clinical Skills II Lab
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Treats for Troops


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