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Clinical Years

This is currently a hugeeee work in progress because I’m currently living it! :O If you want to read more about my life during my clinical years, check out this tag or go to the “Day in the Life” posts listed below!

I’ve sectioned these off mostly by year and also by




Day in the Life

(I started this series later in the year, so it’s unfortunately not complete for the whole year!)


Day in the Life

FM Student

FM Student is a site that I created with my friend Pixie to provide third and fourth-year medical students who have an interest in Family Medicine with advice and resources! The articles listed below are the ones I’ve written for the site.

The DO

The DO is an online magazine published by the American Osteopathic Association.

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine


In-Training is an online magazine for medical students that is staffed and written entirely by medical students.

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