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Aug 15

Travel Bucket List

In case you couldn’t tell from my previously-bimonthly travel posts, I’ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. I want to go everywhere. *-* I have a lot of places that are in my mental travel bucket list, but I’ve never actually written it down, so I figured…now’s as good a time as …

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Jun 27

Humpback Bridge

On my way back from West Virginia to New Jersey last September, I scheduled in another couple pit stops! The trip back ended up taking 10 hours, so I was pretty glad I had those breaks!

Humpback Bridge is pretty close to Falling Spring Falls–I’d actually originally planned to tackle them both in one …

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Jun 06

A 7 Day Itinerary for Oahu, Hawaii

Over the course of the last year, I’ve written a bunch of posts about the week that I spent in Hawai’i (Oahu, to be specific), and since it’s approaching summer and you may be planning your vacations, I figured I’d share my Hawai’i itinerary with you in its entirety!

A 7 Day Itinerary for Oahu, …

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Jun 05

Road Food

Over the past several years, I’ve been kindasorta moving all over the country. I spent most of my life in California, but ran off to New Jersey for grad school, then to West Virginia for med school, Kentucky for some of my rotations…so I was kindasorta following a westward trajectory back home!

…However, it got …

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May 16

Falling Spring Falls

Wayyyyy back in September of last year, I went back to West Virginia over Labor Day weekend because I actually had a long weekend(!).

It was a 7-hour solo drive, so I scheduled in a couple pit stops so I wouldn’t fall asleep on the road. One such pit stop was to…you guessed it–Falling Spring Falls!

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May 02

Top Things To Do in Lewisburg

Somewhere this year, I’d love to be able to visit Linda back in Lewisburg, but I still need to find a way to somehow finagle that (I’d need a long weekend because the drive kinda sucks).

Find out the top things to do during a visit to #LewisburgWV! #simplygbv @hashtagwv #travel

Click To Tweet Top …

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Apr 25

Kaiwi Shoreline Trail

I actually did the hike for the Kaiwi Shoreline Trail before my Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail hike, but I figured I’d change up the order a bit to throw some curveballs at ya!

I hadn’t actually been planning on doing this hike, mostly because I had no idea it existed, but when my snorkeling guide dropped …

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Apr 11

La’ie Point

Remember how I promised you a post about La’ie Point wayy back in the day? Guess who’s finally writing about it now?!

I’ve only ever gone cliff jumping once. It was right before I started med school–part of our class went whitewater rafting and stopped at some point to climb up a bunch of rocks …

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Apr 04

Tahoe-Yosemite Trail Meeks Bay to Stony Ridge Lake

Welcome to another Travel Tuesday! There are a crap ton of photos coming up in this post. :] You’ve been warned!

My friend and I actually went on this hike back in uh, June of 2016. We’d been planning a weekend Tahoe trip since I hadn’t been there since 2008, so on one of the days, …

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Mar 28

Schooleys Mountain Park Trail

Welcome to another Travel Tuesday!  Ready for another New Jersey hike!?

Well, even if you’re not, you’re getting one anyway. :O

We didn’t feel completely satisfied after our short hike in Hacklebarney State Park (pretty as it was), so we decided to find another nearby place to explore! My friend grew up in this area, …

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