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Got any questions on my recipes, my approach to food, and the like? They’re probably answered here!

I unfortunately did not start learning to cook until I was a sophomore in college(!), so I’ve been makin’ up for lost time! For the most part, I like to eat healthy with the occasional “cheat meal/day.” :]

I am thoroughly convinced that if you don’t like food, we probably would not get along. :[ (Unless you gave me the food you didn’t eat?)

Lemme get a couple things straight…

  1. ¬†On the offchance that you haven’t noticed, I really love food. (I live to eat, not the other way around.) I heard that the average person eats 100,000 meals in his/her lifetime, and I intend to make each one count!
  2. I keep myself really busy because I detest idle moments, so a lot of these recipes are very quick & simple.
  3. I’m a super-frugal Asian living in a world of student debt because med school’s pretty expensive; most of these recipes are budget-friendly. I make myself live on <$10k/year, and this includes housing, groceries, utilities, transportation…basically everything other than tuition.
  4. I tend to tweak recipes in accordance to my own food preferences, dietary restrictions and/or whatever I have in the kitchen, or if I don’t feel like clogging my arteries too much. Feel free to do the same!
  5. A couple of the recipes (especially my BS Cooking recipes) don’t really include exact measurements because I usually don’t actually have access to measuring spoons and the like (I actually possess some now, but sometimes, it’s easier to eyeball and I don’t want to wash a billion things; ain’t nobody got time for that!). My apologies in advance!

Recipe FAQ

Where do these recipes come from?

  • In my free time, I like to look at stalk food/recipe blogs and copy down the things that look appealing. This addiction has only gotten exponentially worse since my discovery of (1) OneNote and (2) pinterest.
  • Other recipes come from my dad, friends, my church, magazines, recipe books, and what I like to refer to as “kitchen experiments” (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like; they’re usually successful though!?).

What won’t I be able to find in these recipes?

  • I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist => no pork or seafood other than fish. This may be in your favor because there have been several articles written about how SDA’s, on average, have a life expectancy of an entire decade more than the average American citizen. Hooray hooray! As of this moment, I’m one of the only meat-consuming individuals at my church–most of them are vegan/vegetarian, and I’m working on gathering recipes from all of em’ because they’re amazing cooks!
  • I may be slightly lactose-intolerant, so I don’t like most types of cheeses (you may notice that I am a fan of mozzarella though), and I tend to shy away from milk (soy/almond/coconut milk all the way!).
  • I generally eat pretty healthily, so most of these recipes are low-sodium, low-fat, low sugar…all the works. (I’m not a fan of grease, and I don’t really like anything overly sweet.) I do completely endorse ~once-a-week cheat meals though and have been known to down a billion Reese’s pieces in one sitting, so there’s still a good amount of not-so-healthy recipes here.
  • This is what I like to keep my kitchen stocked with.

What kinds of super-awesome kitchen gadgets/contraptions do you use?

Why, I’m glad you ask! (hah) If I use any of my super awesome kitchen gadgets, I’ll likely mention that in the post, but for the record, here’s the stuff I have. It makes me feel like I’m playing real-life Harvest Moon. I just need a food processor and my kitchen contraption compilation will be complete! (Most of these are affiliate links!)

If you have any amazing recipes you’d like to share, do tell (+ if there are any broken links, please let me know and I’ll fix em’ :O )!

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