Nov 14

Staying Fit with Gixo

I hope everyone’s been doing well! I’m currently on vacation of sorts and visiting friends from West Virginia/Kentucky! Since I don’t have a gym with me, it was the perfect time to try out a new fitness app!

Spoiler alert: Gixo is awesome. :] I like that it keeps you accountable and the friendly encouragement and/or competition definitely doesn’t hurt!

Staying Fit with GIXO

You can take your workout outside or inside! :]

You can take your workout outside or inside! :]

I would have absolutely loved to have had this back during my last year of medical school when I was moving all across the country and often without a gym! Better late than never though! The GPS feature is a little wonky in that it thought I was in Cedar Knoll Trailer Park when I was in fact staying at Please Save A Cat, but…that’s really not that important, haha. I’d rather stay incognito anyway. 😛

Staying Fit With Gixo

  • Individual attention/check-ins from coaches (if you don’t want to share your camera/accept messages from others, you don’t have to!)
  • Modifications to exercises to make them more/less challenging
  • Lots of classes available!
    • 12:30am + 5am – 11:30 pm EST Monday-Thursday (last class on Friday = 8:45pm) and 8am – 8:45pm EST Saturday-Sunday!
    • No workout is exactly the same! :]
  • Can call/send messages to your coach or other people in the class + also take photos during workout
  • Video shows you how to do the exercise and how much longer if the exercise you have left
  • Hooks up to any bluetooth device (I’ve been using my Aftershokz headphones for most of my workouts!)
  • Super convenient–you only need your smartphone and a pair of headphones + either cellular data or wifi connection
  • I actually warm up and cool down now! (I’m notorious for never doing this ._.)
  • Gives you a summary of each workout as well as the playlist(!!)
Staying Fit With Gixo

You can see your class schedule + your total exercise for the week!

  • I already have multiple gyms that I go to (I’m only paying for one of them, but still).
  • I like powerlifting (and dancing + BJJ + climbing).
  • I’d want some more strength training classes because I’m not all that cardio-oriented. (This past week is the most cardio I’ve done since my first and last race/half-marathon back in 2010!)
  • Can’t check your form* so you won’t necessarily know if you’re doing the exercise correctly if you’re new to [the] exercise
  • If you need to use your phone a lot throughout the day, you’ll need to make sure you have a charger on hand because this does eat away some of it!

*They’ll be rolling out with a new feature soon where you have the option of turning on your camera during the workout so your coach can check your form and, if needed, let you know how you can improve it.

Staying Fit With Gixo

You’ll get a summary both on the app and in your email of each of your workouts!

I think it’d be cool to be able to access our overall workout summaries by week/month (it might already be somewhere on the app, but I haven’t yet discovered how to access it), but otherwise, I really like that we get the after-class summaries!

Thus far, I’ve taken classes withhhh Coaches Henry, Emily, Holly, Sarah, Mary Beth, Liann, and Medwin. (Quote from Coach Henry when I mentioned that my cat was hanging around me while I was doing hip presses: “Pretend your cat is underneath your bum and if you drop it, you’ll squish her.”)

Classes Offered (I italicized the ones I’ve tried!):

  • Booty Work
  • Circuit Training (+ Reps)
  • Strength Tabatas
  • Indoor Cardio
  • Total Core
  • Cardio Quickie
  • Super Quickie
  • Cardio & Legs
  • Cardio & Core
  • Endurance Walk or Run
  • Walk & Stretch
  • Music/Cardio Classes: Essentials, Alternative Rock, The Justins (Bieber vs. Timberlake), Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift, Boy Band Mania, Country, Tom Petty Tribute, Disco Essentials.
Here's a screenshot of one of the videos!

Here’s a screenshot of one of the videos!

My gym does free quarterly evals (weight, BP, body measurements and body fat analysis), so I went 2 weeks ago and was pretty sad but not surprised that I’d lost weight…in the form of muscle mass, and that my body fat percentage had gone up from 20 to 22. (Sigh.) However, I’m happy to report that I’m only ~1 week into Gixo-ing my abs have already decided to start to reappear! :D!


I’m sorry for neglecting you guys. Please stay with me, kthx.

The first month is free–otherwise, it’s $24.99/month (or $18.75/month if you pay for 1 year up front)! They’re super receptive to feedback and I’ve really enjoyed my sessions so far (I think I’ve taken like…27 classes so far?). The smaller classes or pretty much almost like one-on-one personal training sessions, which I definitely enjoy! :]

I know it’s harder to stay on track with healthy eating + regular exercise during the holiday season, so now’s a great time to check em’ out! :] They have a Turkey Trot (4 different ones, I think) next week for Thanksgiving that I’m going to try to join in on!

You can use your pets as weights!

Find out more about Gixo on their website and follow em’ on social media!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Have you heard of/tried Gixo? Add me on there (I’m pretty sure I’m the only Farrah so far! 😛 )

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  1. Agness of Run Agness Run

    Wow! Gixo seems like lots of fun and a great way to keep a routine and habit of doing exercise. I will definitely give it a try!

    1. Farrah

      Yay! Hope you like it! :]
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  2. ShootingStarsMag

    What a fun way to get some exercise in. I don’t think I’d be motivated enough; I do better actually GOING somewhere with people – especially to help me out if I need it. lol You’ve done a lot of classes already though; that’s awesome!!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Show Us Your Books + Cozy Night In Gift GuideMy Profile

    1. Alyse

      I love Gixo, too, and I’m usually the person who needs to be in a group setting to be motivated, but I find the live coaching does the trick for me! Especially on the run workouts – the coach can see your stats in real time (pace, elevation, etc) and gives you friendly but very motivating pushes when you drop back on your goals. I’ve never worked so hard on a run, even at a run group! LOL.
      Alyse recently posted…Only in Texas: guns and parentingMy Profile

  3. Nicci Randall

    I’m having such a blast with Gixo – even the 15-minute sessions kick my butt and help me reset later in the day when I’m feeling that slump. And the coaches def keep me accountable! I haven’t sprinted so hard since my high school coach was yelling at me to go faster, haha! Glad you like it!

    1. Farrah

      haha, agreed! I love being able to fit in at least a short workout on my super crazy busy days, so it’s awesome that they have so many to choose from! This app made me run for the first time in 7 years! :P!
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  4. Jamie King

    I can’t believe how much I like GIXO. I’ve never been a workout app type person but this one is so different and fun. It’s challenging and really speaks to my inner competitive soul. 🙂 I LOVE IT and am glad it’s helping you re-discover some ab muscles. I’ll be using it to do the same post pregnancy…
    Jamie King recently posted…I WANT TO QUIT INSTAGRAMMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Forreals! I’ve downloaded other workout apps before, but this is the first one that I’ve actually used regularly! 😀 So glad it exists!
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  5. GiGi Eats

    I have been using this APP called BEFIT … And it’s been AMAZING!! Seriously. So customizable. I use it about 4 – 5 times a week and then do my typical cardio every day. My husband told me the other day that he has seen such a HUGE transformation between my muscle definition and tone from last year at this time to this year at this time! TO ME, that is a HUGE compliment because I have been working so hard to build muscle!!!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…You’re Going To Snog This EggnogMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      That’s awesome! I haven’t tried BEFIT–does it come up with exercise routines for you or is it more of a workout tracker? I want my muscle definition back! 😛 I guess working out consistently would be a great start to that, haha.
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  6. Maria

    Sounds like a great way to stay motivated! I had never heard of Gixo before.

    1. Farrah

      Agreed! It’s definitely been helping me out a lot with workout consistency!!
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  7. Liz

    I’m obsessed! Such a great way to get a sweat going when I’m feeling an afternoon lull.

    1. Farrah

      Agreed!! Such a great way of getting workouts in! :]
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  8. Kristy from Southern In Law

    I’ve never heard of Gixo before. What an awesome app!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Photo Shoots and Murder PlotsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      It definitely is! I’ve gotten so much more consistent with my workouts lately! (Could also be because I’m on vacation, but I think it’s a bit of both! 😛 )
      Farrah recently posted…15 Minute Soba Noodle SoupMy Profile

  9. Carla Patterson

    Nice, this is really fun way to exercise <3 I was looking for something like this lately as I'm kind of bored with my way of training, so I need some change :p

    1. Farrah

      This has definitely been a super fun way to change things up! :]

  10. Carla Patterson

    That’s so cool. You are so strong – I’m doing my best to get back in shape as well but I still have quite a long way – I’m leaving you as my inspiration though!

    1. Farrah

      Aww, thank you so much! I still have a long way to go too, but chippin’ away every day! :]!

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