Nov 28

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Pet Backpacks

Fun fact: I take walks with my cat sometimes! (This is your advance warning that there are lots of photos to come. :D…) Especially now that I can go on adventures with Muffin because I have a backpack for her (thanks, Pet Magasin!)!

I received a free backpack from Pet Magasin through my partnership with BrandBacker. As always, all thoughts + opinions are mine and mine alone!



Here’s an exchange that happened earlier this year…

M: She takes her cat on walks!
(My attending): What?
F: I have a leash for her and we go for walks in the park! I think(?) she enjoys them. She’s kinda like a dog…
(My attending): …Farrah, you need to get out more.
J: But she does! With her cat!
F: She has a point.
M: Tell him about the backpack.
F: Oh! I’m getting a backpack/pet carrier with a transparent mesh top so we can go on adventures together!
(My attending): …When’s the last time you dated someone?

Cat lady status ftw!?

Of course, sometimes she’s not the biggest fan of walking…

So I end up carrying her instead.

So I end up carrying her instead.

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Pet Backpacks

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin

With all the references to my crazy cat lady status, I’m sure by now that you know I love cats (and dogs, and animals in general–I want a zoo of rescue pets when I grow up).

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

For those of you who haven’t met Princess Muffin (Muffin/Muffamuff/Fluffs/Fuff/P’Muffin) for short, I met her 3 years ago at Please Save A Cat–the cat rescue I used to live at back when I was in medical school. She was chillin’ in my bedroom at the time because she’d just lost her previous owner to cancer (:[) and Linda had her live in the house for extra TLC.

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

Suffice to say, we got pretty attached to each other and my “fostering” turned into me adopting her and bringing her from West Virginia to Kentucky and now New Jersey.

I often joke that she’s really actually a dog in disguise. (What kind of cat doesn’t like boxes?!) This cat drools all over me when she’s happy, enjoys belly rubs and car rides (especially if she can watch trucks), goes on walks with me, and goes through my garbage can when I’m gone. Dog? Dog.

So about this pet travel carrier backpack-it’s airline-approved and meant for cats + small dogs, so I guess it works out either way for her!

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

What I especially love about it is its versatility (and the fact that I can bring Muffin on adventures with me!)! It can be worn as a backpack or carried by the handle, and also opens up into a mini portable kennel!

Muffin is not one to enjoy having her freedom revoked, but she does seem to prefer this carrier to her old one because she can still see me through the mesh when I’m driving and I can also pet her, so she’s a lot less anxious on long car rides.

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

It’s made from waterproof fabric and has panels of breathable mesh so Muffin can look outside while we travel if she so chooses (she loves watching trucks go by!). It’s also foldable for easy storage, and has loops on the side if you want to clip portable water/food bowls or your pet’s leash to the side!

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

One of my dreams post-residency is to do a cross-country road trip/food tour back home to the west coast (assuming I get hired out there; fingers crossed–my former dean says she’s holding a spot for me for when I graduate!). I want to explore a bunch of national/state parks along the way and eat the world, and how cool would it be to bring Muffin along!?

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

She’s on a mission!

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

For now, that plan is on standby since I need to finish residency (and possibly fellowship) first before that has any hope of happening, but one can dream! (At least we can take short day trips for now!)

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Backpacks | @fairyburger

Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin | @fairyburger

Small dogs can fit too, but it’s currently being occupied by the Muffin!

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  1. ShootingStarsMag

    Omg, this is so adorable! I have a dog now but one day I really do want to get a cat and I’m always saying I’m going to take them on walks, so I hope I get a cat that will be cool with that. lol This little case is great though!! πŸ™‚

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Book Roo: Book Subscription Box for KidsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      Thanks, Lauren! :]! I really hope to adopt a dog someday, although I’m probably gonna end up getting a big one, so the likelihood of her fitting in this would be pretty low. I hope my cat continues to be cool with this though! :D!

  2. Mary

    I’ve seen people that walk their cats and I personally think its adorable. Cats need exercise too lol. Muffin is adorable. LOL, I love that someone told you to get out more, your response is golden. Life isn’t always about dating you are way to busy to date right now, I fully support your cat walks, but we are also two girls from California and I hear we are a little out there.

    1. Farrah

      haha, agreed! I enjoyed that entire exchange–it was pretty hilarious! πŸ˜› I’m okay with being considered a little out there–life is more fun this way! ;P
      Farrah recently posted…Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Pet BackpacksMy Profile

  3. Hannah

    My husband and I always tell one of our cats that we’re going to take him walking with the dog, because his favorite “trick” is sneaking out the doggy door and roaming the neighborhood 😐 He would probably love a kitty backpack…our other cat would howl in terror until he was let out in his home.
    Hannah recently posted…Hello from the couch: week in reviewMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      haha, aww! That would be super cute! I bet he’d enjoy it! I feel like my cat might think she’s actually a dog–this might be why she’s okay with going on walks and getting belly rubs! πŸ˜›
      Farrah recently posted…Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Pet BackpacksMy Profile

  4. Kristy from Southern In Law

    Oh this is too cute, haha! I wish I could take our puppies everywhere with us!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Date Nights and Christmas LightsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      I really hope I can convince her to like hiking with me, hahaha. :D!

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