Dec 09

Garden Salad

This is somewhat of a cheat recipe because I didn’t make the dressing from scratch, but…it’s pretty effing amazing, so I figured I’d share. I am currently in love with white balsamic vinegar. <3 A lot of the stuff I used is from the Dole’s Summer Salad Kit. (Since I don’t like my salads to be drenched in dressing, one package of dressing from a single kit tends to last me several salads. 😀 )

I usually toss everything in a tupperware and just eat it out of that, because let’s be real here, who has time for real dishes?

Garden Salad

-dried cranberries
-butter lettuce
-baby red cabbage
-swiss/guyere cheese, shredded
-mesquite smoked turkey, shredded

1) Toss everything together and serve.

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