Nov 27

Day in the Life: Cardiology

Happy Monday, and welcome to Medical Mondays! I know I’ve already had a Day in the Life in Cardiology from my intern year, but let’s face it–the heart’s important–hence, my second 2-week rotation in Cardiology!

Day in the Life: Cardiology

Day in the Life: Cardiology

8:00am – 12:30pm/1:00 – 5:00 pm

I worked with a couple different cardiologists while I was on this rotation, usually splitting my time half at their clinic and half over at mine. This rotation was fairly similar to my cardiology rotation last year (not too surprising, given that both were outpatient cardiology rotations ;P ).

I got to see a good variety of different patients, from new consults for abnormal EKGs or echocardiograms to cardiac clearance for surgeries to regular follow-ups for patients with heart failure, heart attacks, valve replacements, etc. There was also a PA student and a medical student working with him at the time, so we all kinda tag-teamed to help out! I did a lot of counseling on healthy eating and exercise, as well as on smoking cessation, with varying degrees of success:

Day in the Life: Cardiology

6/7-10/11pm (or weekend afternoons)

My evenings and weekend afternoons were generally free, so since it’s fall, I went to cover different sporting events (see more from my sports med rotation!). :]! One of my attendings also invited me to come to a talk he was going to be doing at a local fancy-schmancy restaurant, so I figured I’d go. It was mildly awkward in the sense that I knew absolutely no one and was the only resident there (there were a few cardiology fellows, but I didn’t know em’ either).

(No matter though, the food was absolutely delicious. 😛 )

stageleftsalmon stageleftstickytoffeepudding

  • Have you ever gone to a dinner where you knew pretty much no one?
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  1. ShootingStarsMag

    Sounds like a nice rotation!! And that’s great you have some evenings/afternoons free to do other things that you enjoy. Sorry about the dinner, but at least the food was good! I’ve been to dinners where I hardly knew anyone, but I’m generally a quiet person so I just sit and listen. haha

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Styled Book Review: The Wicker King by K. AncrumMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      It was definitely a more chill one! 😀 The food was amazing, so I have zero complaints, haha. I just did study questions on my phone and kindasorta talked to the people around me when they weren’t talking to each other! 😛

  2. Ricardo

    Of course I went to dinner with people I didn’t know. Those were dates =p

    Actually I remember going to several functions my dad put on at the State Capital. But like you said, the food was worth it.

    1. Farrah

      hahaha, touche! 😛 But multiple people in the same date!?! Livin’ dangerously, I see! :O!

      Yeah, the food definitely made it worth it!
      Farrah recently posted…Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Pet BackpacksMy Profile

  3. VR

    Woah 2-3 packs PER DAY? did I read that correctly? Sad face indeed 🙁
    Loved reading your post on cardio rotation!

    1. Farrah

      I knowww. I was horrified and thought I’d misread that, but nope. :'( I tried talking with him/doing smoking cessation counseling but he wasn’t havin’ it. :[
      Farrah recently posted…Kitty Adventures with Pet Magasin Travel Pet BackpacksMy Profile

  4. Kristy from Southern In Law

    We often go to things where we don’t know anyone but the person that invited us. We were actually at a birthday party today for a child of our friends and we didn’t know anyone but them and their parents.
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Date Nights and Christmas LightsMy Profile

    1. Farrah

      It’s nice to get to bring along someone that you know to those events! 😮 I hope you had fun at the birthday party! :]

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