I kinda tend to throw everything I’m even remotely interested in into one place so that I can look back on it later and if I feel like I deserve something awesome, I’ll take one off the list. :D! Or if I’ve been infected by girl disease.


Future (the things I’m working on)

  • Volunteer abroad or open up my own free clinic to provide [free] medical care to the under-served…or volunteer at PHAC as a physician :]
  • Learn Spanish and Mandarin (well)

Intangible (the things you can’t exactly give me)

  • For the people I love and care about to be happy, healthy and safe
  • Time to spend with the people I love and care about
  • Time to learn/work on a ton of different things so I can be good at everything πŸ˜€
  • Intelligence (and test-taking ability)
  • Talent

Tangible (the things you could actually get me! :O )

Funds (anything to donate to…)

Food/Drink-Related Stuff

Girly Stuff


  • A kitchen knife set (those awesome super-sharp ones *-*) – maybe when I’m finally settled down somewhere…

Things I Can Wear

The Never-Ending List (because Amazon has everything)

  • Amazon WishlistΒ or gift cards (For the record, I welcome/would actually prefer used CD’s and books because they’re cheaper, so long as they haven’t been scratched up. πŸ˜€ There’s some overlap because I threw in stuff that I especially wanted from my Amazon list onto here. :O
  • Gymnastics mats!

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