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May 02

Top Things To Do in Lewisburg

Somewhere this year, I’d love to be able to visit Linda back in Lewisburg, but I still need to find a way to somehow finagle that (I’d need a long weekend because the drive kinda sucks).

Find out the top things to do during a visit to #LewisburgWV! #simplygbv @hashtagwv #travel

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Jan 23

Tzu Chi Community Health

Happy Monday, and welcome to Medical Mondays!

I just came off an 80-hour work week (3 weeks down, 11 more to go!?) and spent my day off volunteering as a spotter/loader at a powerlifting meet in the area. (Guess who’s joining the Rutgers Powerlifting Team like she said she would!? ;P )

Do you like …

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Jun 15

Life on the Farm

Do you consider yourself to be more of a city person or a country person? I’ve kinda talked about life on the farm before, but I feel like my last week before graduation was the first time I truly got to really just sit back and enjoy it. (Sure, there’s tons of work involved, but still.)

(This …

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Feb 16

Get To Know Fairyburger

Today’s my spotlight day (my last one basically became my second start page) for Kristy’s Grow Your Blog Hop! Not too much has changed in terms of the kind of content I share, but if you’re new here, get to know Fairyburger in this post! (If you’re not new(?), you’ll probably still find out something …

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Oct 11

Chocolate Hemp Cherry-Berry Smoothie

It’s the last day to enter our ginormous Choctoberfest giveaway, so make sure you do that before checking out the rest of this post!

I got a giant bundle of awesome goodies from Just Hemp Foods somewhere over the week. (If you recall, I’m currently technically homeless, but my friend is graciously letting me use her …

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Oct 03

Ultimate Coffee Date: October 2015

Hi everyone! :] I’m linking up with Coco @ Got 2 Run 4 Me, Lynda @ Fitness Mom Wine Country, & Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner! for October’s Ultimate Coffee Date! Pull up a chair/bean bag/whatever you like to sit on and come link and/or catch up with us! :]

If we were …

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Sep 22

Hot Mama’s White Bean Chicken Chili

Fantastic Freezer Meals: Share your tips and tricks for making one – or more freezer meals. It’s the end of the gardening season for some of us; let’s store away that produce in heat-and-eat-from-the-freezer-meals. Show how convenient healthy freezer breakfast, lunches or dinners can be!

Freezer meals are all sorts of wonderful, especially when you don’t …

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Aug 17

3 Ways To Embrace An Attitude of Gratitude

The optional theme for The Fit Dish (hosted by Jill Conyers @ JillConyers.com, & Jessica Joy @ TheFitSwitch.org) is…An Attitude of Gratitude!

Have you entered my freekeh giveaway yet? Go check that out first! :]! (There’s a recipe for a Curry Freekeh Bowl included! ;P )

It’s a little ironic that I got kicked out of my …

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Jun 08

10 Healthy Living Life Hacks

This week’s [optional] theme for the Fit Dish link up (hosted by Jill Conyers @ JillConyers.com, & Jessica Joy @ TheFitSwitch.org) is Healthy Living Life Hacks!

I’m all about simplifying life wherever possible, and anything that can help me multi-task and/or enhance my productivity so I have more time […to study] is a winner in my book!

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May 02

The Spinster Cat Lady

This post was inspired by Spinster: Making A Life One’s Own, by Kate Bolick! 

As far as Chinese standards go, I am actually well on my way to becoming a “剩女” (leftover woman). When we talk on the phone, my dad likes to muse out loud on all the possible reasons as to why …

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