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Jan 01

Defy Limits with Gixo

Happy New Year! I’ve been slightly MIA-ish on social media, which was semi-expected because of the holidays, but twas mainly because I was back on hospital service for the past two weeks, and it tends to sap all the life and energy out of me. (You can read about what it was like when I was an …

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Dec 27

Fitness Goals 2018

Linda @ The Fitty tagged me in this questionnaire and I thought it’d be a fun end-of-year questionnaire to do! I did a “10 confessions” a couple years ago that she tagged me in too, but this one’s focused on fitness goals!

What are your #fitnessgoals for the upcoming year? #fitfam …

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Dec 09

Fitness Goals for 2015

I’m joining in again on this week’s Fit Dish link up (hosted by Jill Conyers @ JillConyers.com, & Jessica Joy @ TheFitSwitch.org)! This week’s [optional] theme is on our goals for 2015, and as December is blowing by so quickly, it seems like a pretty fitting (heh!) topic!

…If you’ve been …

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Nov 25

The Powerlifting & Pole Conundrum

A couple weeks ago, Susie wrote a post on fitness shaming that addressed something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now, because it feels like there’s a very unfortunate air of negativity that seems to purvey the internet these days. I’m all for advocating for healthy lifestyle changes …

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Apr 28

fitness goals (revisited)

Tis a beautiful spring day on the farm! (Please be here to stay, spring. I’m about done with your random end-April snowstorms.) I’m not much of a morning person, but have been dutifully trying to turn myself into one because it lets me get more done each day.

It’s been almost 1.5 years since …

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Apr 24

Nike Women’s Marathon (2010)

In the rare instances where I write about doing any form of cardio, I think I invariably mention how much I hate it. This was not always the case. While I’ve never loved it, I really did give it a fighting chance and…tolerated it for a time. Back in the day, when I was dating …

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Dec 12

fitness goals

My neighbor mentioned the other day (yesterday) that he’s glad he’s managed to stay in shape, because a lot of people in our class have started to “let go.” (All the stress and studying.) The most common excuse is always “I don’t have time.”

Not true.

You don’t have the time because you don’t make …

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Nov 16

the latest

My newest nickname is the “Asian shrimp.” More often just shortened to “shrimp.”

It was also, in essence, self-imposed, because we were talking about games we used to play during recess. I happened to mention that one of the things I’d liked other than wallball was Red Rover, because the opposing team would always …

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