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May 10

Teachers Who Make A Difference

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! II wanted to talk about teachers who make a difference (made, make, same difference, because their influence still affects my life today)!

Tell me about a #teacher who’s made a big difference in your life! #TeacherAppreciationWeek

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While I was back home for vacation, …

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Jul 25

20 Questions

A longggg time ago, Ashley over at A Lady Goes West posted a 20-question “Get To Know Me Better” survey. I thought it sounded like fun, but figured I’d reserve my actual post for later, when I was super swamped, so here it is now! (I frequently blog …

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Sep 09

It Was The Best of Times #BehindTheBlogger

When you hear, “It was the best of times,” what comes to mind?

My first thought?


More specifically, the last 2 years of undergrad, and it boils down to 2 simple things:

  • The company you keep
  • Doing what you love
    • Sub-category: My super-awesome majors

(That’s not to …

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Aug 31

Classes I Wish I’d Taken In College

I did a post last week on the coolest classes I’d ever taken. This week, I’m back with a post on the classes I wish I’d taken! (But first…I’m famous! Thanks again, Jen! <3)

What’s a class you wish you’d had a chance …

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Aug 24

Coolest Classes I’ve Ever Taken In College

I was inspired by Cassie’s post on the Classes You Should Take in College, so I decided to make a spin-off post on the coolest classes I’ve ever taken!

I was apparently really hellbent on committing complete and total academic suicide from the day I first set …

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Nov 20


This is where I spent 4 years of my life. I still consider my last two years there as the best two years of my life. <3

For the record, I’m not dressed up because I made a pact to graduate with my music class (College of Letters & Science) …

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May 23


What do you value about EXB?

Last year, for some unbeknownst reason, Davis decided to temporarily suspend EXB (Exercise Biology) as a major. I am fully aware that I’m completely biased, seeing as how that was one of my majors, but [to me]  it was quite possibly …

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May 03


It was a couple nights before the final, and I was headed home for the evening/night (I wanted to take a shower, and I wanted my hair to dry before I went to sleep at a hopefully-somewhat-decent hour). I stopped by at the rooms next door where a couple of my friends were studying to …

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