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Mar 14

Mount Diablo State Park

Welcome to another Travel Tuesday!  I’d love to tell you that we made it all the way to the top of Mount Diablo for this hike, but…we were running on rather limited time, (I think two of us had somewhere to be by noon), didn’t get started til around 9 a.m., and may have veered off …

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Feb 28

UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Welcome to another Travel Tuesday! We’re back in northern California again this time around because I like to state-hop everywhere.

Last summer, shortly after I graduated from med school, I got to go home(!) to spend some time with my friends + family for a bit, and I happened to bump into one of my …

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Feb 14

Pros and Cons to Traveling Alone

I love that I’m doing this post on Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day. (If you’re single, you can join me in making 炸醬麵/자장면 [Fried Sauce Noodles]!)

Whether you’re single or attached, traveling alone can be an amazing experience, but there’s definitely a cost/benefit ratio!

The Pros and Cons to Traveling Alone

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Jan 31

Hacklebarney Loop Trail

On the weekend after Thanksgiving, I went for a hike through Hacklebarney State Park + Schooleys Mountain Road with one of my former grad school friends! (I’ll get to the latter in another post.)

Join @fairyburger on her #hikingadventure on the Hacklebarney Loop Trail! #newjersey #hiking #travel

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Tis the same friend I …

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Jan 17

Camping at BLM Laguna Mountain

It’s looking like I have enough travel posts for the time being to actually do Travel Tuesday posts weekly instead of twice a month (at least for the forseeable future)! (This post is superrrrr picture-heavy. You’ve been warned. <3)

I’ve always figured my brother would be a super compatible travel buddy since we both like going on …

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Jan 10

Big Tree Area

…This is exactly what it sounds like. Part of Day 3 of my Redwoods Car Camping trip involved visiting the Big Tree Area! (Check out Day 1’s 8-mile hike along the Hidden Beach section of the Coastal Trail, and Day 2’s 12-mile hike through Miner’s Ridge + James Irvine Loop!)

The Big Tree Area is one …

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Jan 03

Miner’s Ridge and James Irvine Loop

Hello hello! Welcome to Travel Tuesday and I’m back this time with day 2 of my trip from 6 7 years back (hah), when I went on a Redwoods Car Camping trip with Outdoor Adventures. We went on an ~8 mile hike on the Hidden Beach Section of the Coastal Trail on our first day, …

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Dec 28

101 in 1001 #BehindTheBlogger

The end of the year is often like an “end of the road” of sorts–I’m reaching the end of my “second” 101 in 1001 very soon, and with every ending, there is a new beginning, so here’s the start of mine!

I’ve been doing these 101 in 1001’s for several years now and it’s been …

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Dec 20

Coastal Trail Hidden Beach Section

I actually went on this trip 6 years ago. Yes, years. Six of em’. Twas a pre-graduation trip to myself before I graduated from Davis, so I decided to go on the Redwoods Car Camping trip over Memorial Day Weekend with Outdoor Adventures (the outdoorsy club at my school)!

“Car camping” is perhaps slightly misleading, because we did …

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Dec 06

SUP at Kailua Beach

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has been on my bucket list for quite some time, so my friend suggested that I try SUP at Kailua Beach, where the waters were prettier, usually calmer, and also less crowded.

I booked a lesson in Kailua through Kailua Beach Adventures! (I did this right after my Lanikai Pillboxes hike!)

Ever …

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